Whistling Thorn Golf Course Layout

Hole #1 | Par 4

357m  |  336m  |  324m  |  263m

A short par 4 opening hole from the club tees. Don’t be misled by its length. Keep your tee shot short of the bunkers in the middle of the fairway and you will have a short iron to a green that slopes heavily front left to right. Keep your second shot on the left side of the green.

Hole #2 | Par 5

601m  |  537m  |  529m  |  451m

The first par 5. Your tee shot should be aimed just right of the right hand fairway bunker. From there the big hitter can go for the green but be careful of the bunkers left and right that guard the green. The average player should play this hole as a 3 shot par 5. A carefully aimed second shot should set you up for a birdie.

Hole #3 | Par 3

223m  |  175m  |  162m  |  135m

With the prevailing wind that comes from the front, this par 3 can be a monster from the back tees. A medium to long iron will get you to the generous green with a big slope in the middle.

Hole #4 | Par 4

426m  |  383m  |  377m  |  321m

From the club tees, you should aim your tee shot just over the left edge of the bunkers in front of you. The fairway slopes away from you after the bunker which gives you some extra distance if you aim it correctly. A good tees shot will leave you with a medium to short iron to the green.

Hole #5 | Par 4

379m  |  330m  |  321m  |  270m

Great tee shot which leaves you with 2 options. The brave can take on the bunkers on the right with a driver to leave you with an open shot to the green. The less than brave will use a hybrid of tong iron to get you short of the water. This leaves you with an intimidating second shot over water to a narrow green.

Hole #6 | Par 3

188m  |  149m  |  136m  |  100m

A gentle par 3 over water. Plays 150 meters from the club tees. Hit the green and a birdie is on the cards.

Hole #7 | Par 5

564m  |  495m  |  421m  |  365m

A par 5 with a creek running from tee to the front of the green. Your tees shot from the club tees is aimed left of the fairway bunker. The excepted way to play this par 5 is in three shots. The attacking golfer can try to hit the green in two but you will have to strike a long iron over water to a very narrow green. Very intimidating but what a par 5!

Hole #8 | Par 4

384m  |  329m  |  317m  |  264m

Two different holes from the club tees and the champion tees. The club tee allows the big hitter to almost drive the green, and set up a chip and put for birdie. The championship tees bring the bunkers into play and an accurate tee shot leaves you with a short iron to the pin.

Hole #9 | Par 4

459m  |  407m  |  396m  |  327m

The stroke 1! A great finishing par 4. A straight and accurate tee shot gets you to about 150 meters out. If you manage to hit the green in two it leaves you with a undulating green. A two put for par will be a great finish to a fantastic 9 holes designed by the Jack Nicklaus.