The Whistling Thorn 18-hole Par 3 Championship Golf Course – a first in South Africa -is the perfect blend between tradition and revolution. Newcomers to the great game will be offered a fun yet challenging introduction to golf, while seasoned golfers will be able to use the course to hone their short game. This ground-breaking course is able to be played within 3-hours and offers  entertainment and encouragement for golfers of all skill levels. The Whistling Thorn 18-hole Par 3 Championship Golf Course is fast paced and contemporary in nature, as well as being environmentally conscious – residents and visitors will essentially be presented with a brand-new course to conquer or be conquered by!

This 18-hole Par 3 course stemmed from the mind and heart of the developer of Serengeti Estates, David Nagle, who was inspired a decade prior to create a revolutionary course that fit into the mindset of the 21st century, but still retained the nobility of the game. Succinctly, the Estate now offers multiple golf forms; a JACK NICKLAUS SIGNATURE DESIGNED CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSE, an 18-hole Par 3 Championship course and a Mashie course.

When Dino de Abreu, the golf course architect of the project, was approached by Nagle, he accepted without hesitation. De Abreu knew the design, conception and pursuit would challenge him as both an architect and an artist,  but he also knew that the truly creative don’t see things for what they are, they see things for what they can be. We sincerely hope you enjoy this innovative course, its verdant, uninterrupted views and the years of pleasure we know it will bring to our residents, members and visitors.

Welcome to The Whistling Thorn 18-hole Par 3 Championship Golf Course!

Phone us directly on +27 (0)11 552 7200 for more information.

, Whistling Thorns Par 3 Championship, Serengeti Estates

The Whistling Thorn 18-hole Par 3 Championship Golf Course