Our open-air piazza, Mozzafiato, translated as ‘simply breath-taking’, sits at the epicentre of Serengeti’s food empire. Epitomising Italian fine-dining, Mozzafiato looks out invitingly onto the vast estate, drawing in a warm ambience and natural light in which to indulge in pure gastronomic decadence.

Mozzafiato’s unique amphitheatre design makes it the perfect destination for any big outdoor event, ranging from music concerts and neighbourgoods markets to the finest weddings. This public destination venue will draw crowds from all over South Africa and abroad, due to the unique qualities one can only experience at Serengeti Estates.

Call: 011 552 7208 | Email: mozzafiato@serengetiestates.co.za


An Italian-inspired family restaurant with a distinctly South African flavour. Culaccino may also be hired out for memorable events and special occasions!

Culaccino means ‘the impression left by a glass on a wooden table’ – Culaccino taps into its namesake every single day and leaves a mark on anyone who comes through the doors. In essence, Culaccino serves simple, homely food that’s impeccably prepared, offering comfort to everyone who walks through the doors.


Learn masterful recipes in the comforts of the estate and recreate them for friends and family in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Indulge in authentic wood-fire pizza that envelops the senses.

Embrace the warm notes of bespoke coffee and decadent pastries.

A dedicated restaurant space just for kids and teens with a wide variety of gaming devices, jungle gyms and activities.

An indulgent menu with our favourite fast food and take-away dishes from around the world.

Have your favourite menu items delivered, or choose a selection of delicatessen items, including cured meats, artisanal breads and cheeses.

A  great selection of local and international wines, whiskeys, beers and spirits.

A collection of our finest botanicals, featuring bright, floral and refreshing drinks.

Call: 011 552 7208 | Email: mozzafiato@serengetiestates.co.za